Each season creates shifts in nature around us, and likewise each season has something to teach us about phases in our lives. For example, the season of Spring welcomes new birth, growth, new beginnings, etc. Today we give homage and pay honor to the season of Autumn. When you think of Autumn you probably think of thanksgiving, falling leaves and the fact that it gets dark earlier. Did you know these things we attribute to Autumn actually have much to teach us? Let’s take a look at them.

Apart from the fact that Thanksgiving takes place during this season of Autumn, the season invites us to be aware of those things for which we are thankful. It is a time for reflection on how far we have come this year and acknowledging those things we have done well and want to celebrate. It’s no coincidence that Facebook has been flooded with friends jumping on the “gratitude” bandwagon as they take the gratitude challenge to post what they are grateful for over a period of time. We could say that the season has influenced others to take these actions as we welcome the season.

Falling Leaves
One of the beautiful things about Autumn is the beautiful change of colors as nature shows off the colors of rich gold, red and orange. Yet, this is the process of the trees shedding their leaves as they prepare for the winter and the promise of new growth in the Spring. In addition to reflecting on those things we are grateful for, it is also a time to ask ourselves questions and allow the answers to those questions to inform needed actions during this season of Autumn. What are those things in my life that no longer serve me being my highest and best? What are those things I need to let go of for the sake of moving forward? What old stories from the past are holding me back from living the new story life has for me? These are important questions to consider, and the commitments to actually putting action behind the awareness is what is most important. Commit to sitting with the inquiry of these questions and take action to let those leaves fall from your life so that new growth can begin to take root.

Shorter Days
Many have their own thoughts around the shorter days. Some like the shorter days and others feel that there just isn’t enough time to get things done in the daytime. Autumn is a clever season because it invites us to realize that there is a time for work and a time for reflection and enjoying what life has to offer us. It is a time for celebrating the abundance that we have in our lives. And, if we have our “nose to the grindstone” most of the day, we are rarely taking a time out to spend with our significant others, friends and family. Consider the shorter days as Mother Nature’s tap on the shoulder to turn off the computer, put away the work, and get out into the cool evenings with those you care about – even if that someone is YOU (Because loving yourself is equally as important as loving others).

We invite you to keep these simple things in mind as you move through this season (or any season). Be aware of those things you’re grateful for and those things that are not serving your greater good. Be committed to embracing what’s great and releasing what you need to banish. That’s right … let these things fall away like the falling leaves of Autumn.

Did you know that we experience seasons of Autumn in our lives regardless of the seasons of nature? Autumn can be anytime in your life, so apply these to those periods as well.

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