The Push of Inspiration

15 Jun

The Push of Inspiration


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 The Push of Inspiration

Inspiration is meant to be experienced and acted upon. It is the moment when a situation, thought, or person sparks an amazing resonance within us. And, in that moment we are inspired to act, say, or move in a specific direction. Unfortunately, we typically allow our own self talk and fears to stop us from moving in that direction.  And in that moment, resonance and inspiration begin to deflate.

Inspiration can be tapped into and cultivated to achieve magnificent impact, when action is the next step.  Take that in …

Inspiration can be tapped into and cultivated to achieve magnificent impact, when action is the next step.

Inspiration is squelched when we meet it with self doubt, what if’s and procrastination. If you have a moment of inspiration, it is YOUR call to action. It is not the call to action by someone else or those around you. Your inspiration and the impact it can yield is not dependent on the resonance in others. Sure, it’s great to have a compelling vision that inspires others to want to follow along, but it does not (and should not) be a point of validity for your inspiration and subsequent actions. If you’re depending on others to be inspired and come along in order to act, then that is co-dependency.  So, don’t look for others to act on your inspiration to validate it. Feel it, allow it to build and act upon it.   Remember, the reality you are creating is your own, not someone else’s.

In the work I do, I see people who are inspired frequently in the areas of leadership, helping others, telling their story, starting a business, changing their lives, etc. Yet, I also see so many individuals who allow those points of inspiration to fly by time and time again because they are fearful of ___________. For example, they fear not being perfect enough, or good enough, or big enough, or famous enough. Well, damn it! Inspiration is divinely given and who are these people not to act upon it. Who are YOU not to act upon it.  Think of it this way. When you have an amazing moment of inspiration and fail to act upon it, it becomes nothing more than a commercial interruption in your day. That was inspiration, brought to you by your local sponsor.  NEXT?

The next time you feel the air of inspiration flowing into your day. Stop and feel into that very moment. Identify with the feeling of inspiration and connect with what is happening for YOU in that moment. Tap into the relationship this inspiration has with what you’re passionate about in your life, work, and/or world. Then, act upon it. And, act upon it again.

Do this each and every time you’re inspired and you will see you are inviting amazing things into your world each and every time you act. You’ll cultivate more moments of inspiration and more moments to create impact. Before you know it you WILL have others inspired and following you. You will be leading others in the charge to act on inspiration in their own lives.

Now that’s movement.


ByThom Qafzezi

Acknowledged as a personal development alchemist by his clients and colleagues, Thom Qafzezi is a sought-after professional in the area of personal development and coaching. He engages, inspires and motivates his clients with his unique blend of connection, truth telling, passion, and humor. Enjoying over 20 years of operational leadership and professional development positions in Fortune companies, he redesigned his life and left his corporate “inside job” and Co-Founded It’s Faked Up to enjoy the fulfillment of helping others seize their place in the world they want to create.

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