Kathleen O’Grady – Raleigh, NC

4 Sep

Kathleen O’Grady – Raleigh, NC

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“Despite it’s intentionally playful brand, It’s Faked Up is no joke. Imagine walking on to a cruise ship consumed with fear and self-doubt, and three days later walking onto land with a whole new outlook on life.

This is precisely what I witnessed occur for participants in July of 2013 when I was fortunate enough to assist during a three-day retreat to the Bahamas. Thom and Lucetta know exactly what it takes to facilitate the proper conditions for personal transformation. Thanks to the book-ended structure of the 9-week program, participants started their personal journeys before they even left the port, and continued to ride the wave of self-confidence that was created during the voyage well after their return.

The It’s Faked Up experience is ideal for anyone who is ready to take a bold step towards living more authentically. The only question is: what are you waiting for?”