And so it begins…

In the beginningProject Brainstorming Session, as colleagues, during a Leadership Program Retreat: Thom laying on the floor with a high fever while Lucetta beside him, tries to convince him to drink water; which he can’t stand.

She hands him a water bottle,”Thom, we only have one hour to create a three-hour seminar.”

Weakly he sips and responds, “a three-hour seminar is not long enough for people to really change their lives.”

“Ok then, what about three days? We could affect some transformation in a three-day retreat.”

Coming back to life, Thom sits up, “on a cruise ship.”

“What!? You’re delirious!  We can’t create, market, and deliver a cruise in the 8 weeks we’ve been given, that’s insane!”

“If we’re gonna ask our participants to play big, we can’t play small. We’ve got to walk our talk. Whoa, I have to lay back down, this is making my head spin.”

“Oh yeah, well we also can’t ask them to make big changes and then leave them out there on their own.  We need to support them through integrating those changes for at least six weeks.”

“Now who’s delirious Lucetta?!

“Seriously, we have to do this. So many people are living a life that’s not the one they want, they’re faking it, and it doesn’t have to be that way.”

“Yeah, and that’s f*cked up.”

“Thom, we can’t say that!”

“Yeah, truth is, it’s FAKED up!”


Lucetta raised six children and lived to tell about it! Then, after an unexpected turn of events in her life she had the freedom to create a completely new one. So, Lucetta put everything she owned in a storage locker and traveled by herself around the world for a year, in developing countries. She is now a professional life coach, speaker, writer, and the founder of Your Life In Bold, LLC.

-Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

-International Coach Federation Executive Board of Directors, Raleigh Programs Chair

-BA in Counseling

-Award Winning Entrepreneur

-Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

-Traveled 14 developing countries in which she:

Worked closely with a Masai tribe to help create a micro loan system for the women.
Was kissed by a giraffe in Kenya.
Ate termites, crickets, and a tarantula.
Trekked to find a Rwandan Gorilla family
Jumped off the World’s Highest Bungee Bridge, because obviously she is crazy.

Thom leads and inspires others by guiding them on a journey to “defy gravity” and live authentically — refusing to live by the rules of other’s; even if the “other” is themselves. Thom is a life and business coach as well as an organizational psychology professional who has helped many individuals, leaders and teams break through their preconceived limitations and self limiting beliefs to fly higher than they ever thought possible.

Thom has overcome many obstacles in his life, most recently leaping from the “safety” of corporate America to do what he loves – helping others live their lives aligned with their passions and a strong sense of purpose.

Thom is the President and CEO of Molto Crescendo, Inc. where he specializes in coaching, organizational psychology, and organizational development. He is currently writing his first book, “The Peter Principle Revisited – Again!”, which discusses leadership ineffectiveness in corporate America and how to turn the dilemma around through appropriate selection decisions and ongoing development.

Classically trained as a personal, executive, and relationship coach. Thom trained in two of the most prestigious coaching schools in the nation (The Coaches Training institute and Center for Right Relationship).

-Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

-Masters in Business Administration

-Certified Personal Branding Strategist

-International Coach Federation Board of Directors – Vice President, Programming

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