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Line In The Sand Road Tour

 2-Day Jangle Workshop $485

Jangle Workshop Experience

Always wanted a life coach? How about two of them, for two full days? *

In the Line In The Sand Road Tour you will do something you rarely give yourself permission to do: Examine your life. Yes yours.

Through this experiential journey you'll begin to get very clear about what you want for your next season and how to make it a reality.

This Jangle is for you if you are:

Desiring to live a life of purpose.
Seeking a career change.
Experiencing the ending of a relationship or Divorce.
Learning to live as an Empty Nester.
Nearing retirement.
Wanting to make changes in any area of your life.

Drawing your line in the sand, you will discover the authentic you that may have gotten lost along the way. You'll uncover buried desires and dreams, giving them wings. You'll begin to proactively design a life you love with new skills and empowerment. Your life will never be the same!

Let's do this.

Still not convinced? Check out testimonials from our past participants HERE

* A $2400 value

Jangle Schedule

Jangle Schedule

Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Beverages provided both days - Lunch will be on your own in your choice of available restaurants nearby.

Dates, Locations, and Registration

Drive in locally for a workshop near you or make it a fun trip by staying a few extra days to experience the fabulous city in which you choose to Jangle.

Seattle, WA - August 22-23, 2015
New York, NY - October 17-18, 2015

Don't see your city located? We would love to speak with you about bringing the tour in your direction. Also, if you would like to bring our program into your organization or community group, contact us for a discovery session to determine what's possible!



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