Harness the Power of the Nagging Voice Inside

7 Feb

Harness the Power of the Nagging Voice Inside


I had to share this amazing and inspirational TEDx talk by Cynthia Loy Darst, my friend, colleague and teacher. Cynthia is an inspirational coach, human being and leader who has helped so many accomplish what they want for their lives and businesses. This TEDx session will resonate with the part within each of us longing for freedom  from the voice(s) inside of us that we all to want to turn, or run, away from.  You know what I am talking about! It’s the “team” within us all that tells us we’re wrong, we’re bad, or we SHOULD [insert your favorite SHOULD].

What’s wonderful about Cynthia’s inspiration TEDx talk is that she helps us to learn how to turn toward the voice instead of away from it. It is about using this voice to compel you forward, not keep you paralyzed or beating yourself up (or as Cynthia describes, bullying yourself). There is freedom to be found when we turn toward the inner voice (team member), honor the wisdom, and create an ally.  A MUST WATCH!

Enjoy and share this with those of your friends (and family) who can benefit from this message.

Thanks you Cynthia Loy Darst for being a voice in our world.


ByThom Qafzezi

Acknowledged as a personal development alchemist by his clients and colleagues, Thom Qafzezi is a sought-after professional in the area of personal development and coaching. He engages, inspires and motivates his clients with his unique blend of connection, truth telling, passion, and humor. Enjoying over 20 years of operational leadership and professional development positions in Fortune companies, he redesigned his life and left his corporate “inside job” and Co-Founded It’s Faked Up to enjoy the fulfillment of helping others seize their place in the world they want to create.

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