Even Barbara Walters Wonders What’s Next

16 May

Even Barbara Walters Wonders What’s Next

Barbara Walters

Everyone comes to stages in their life where something new is trying to emerge. Whether it is becoming an empty nester, getting a divorce, graduating from college, or coming to the end of a wonderful career. Change is a constant in life and most of us don’t know what comes next. That can be scary. Take for instance the interview between Robin Roberts and Barbara Walters this morning on Good Morning America.

A portion of the interview of Barbara about what happens now that she is retiring from The View:

Robin: What are you going to do on Monday?  One day when it’s all…

Barbara:  I’m going to sleep late. Write thank you notes. I don’t know … it’s a whole new chapter that I look forward to, and that I’m a little scared of.

Robin: Why are you scared?

Barbara: Well, because it’s the first time I will have a life that’s unstructured … umm.. What do I do with the rest of my life?

Certainly this can be scary, and it is also a creative time in our lives to look forward to doing those things most important to us. It’s a time to get clear on our passions, values and dreams – those things we may have tucked so far away they seem really out of reach. And, it’s not impossible to reconnect with those things and more.

Take some time to yourself and get away to do some soul-searching. Take walks on the beach or sit by a steam in the mountains and journal about those things in your life that you always dreamed of – those things you would like to see realized in this next stage of your life.

And, if you need a little help, we are here to help you do that too. We’re starting the next 10-week program in October of 2014 and taking the next cohort of participants to Bermuda to do some deep work around designing the next phase of their life. We have been so blessed to have taken two cohorts out so far who are making amazing things happen in their lives. You can check out some of their testimonials on our webpage while you check out the upcoming Bermuda event.

Hey! Remember … it’s normal to be nervous and scared. Even someone as amazing as Barbara Walters is scared when looking into the unknown. But, you can have something she doesn’t … an amazing support system of people who are looking right into the same direction and walking through the fear to an amazing life ahead. Visit us and let us help you GET REAL today.

Picture Credit: Marano, Joella. “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark Opening” June 14, 2011. Online image. Flickr. May 16, 2014.

ByThom Qafzezi

Acknowledged as a personal development alchemist by his clients and colleagues, Thom Qafzezi is a sought-after professional in the area of personal development and coaching. He engages, inspires and motivates his clients with his unique blend of connection, truth telling, passion, and humor. Enjoying over 20 years of operational leadership and professional development positions in Fortune companies, he redesigned his life and left his corporate “inside job” and Co-Founded It’s Faked Up to enjoy the fulfillment of helping others seize their place in the world they want to create.

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