Assisting with It’s Faked Up!®

Assisting in an It’s Faked Up® Jangle®

As you assist in an It’s Faked Up!® Jangle, it’s important that you realize the privilege and responsibility of the opportunity. We know our courses have a big impact on our participants lives and it is important that we deliver a quality experience aligned with the It’s Faked Up® brand, each and every time.

While there will be certain logistical duties for you as an assistant, the biggest part of your role is to show up as the authentic you. You possess the potential to have a huge impact on both the participants and the front of the room leaders. How you conduct yourself has a great deal to do with the success of the course and the overall experience for our participants.

Your job will be to hold the space for the learning that is taking part on the ship, throughout the Jangle® experience. This means that you must be alert and aware throughout the entire Jangle® — that you be present at Levels 2 & 3 (others & the space) for whatever may be needed to facilitate deeper learning. While we know you will learn a great deal from assisting, we ask that you commit to being of service — being and doing whatever is needed for the Jangle to have the maximum impact for the participants.

Since assisting is such a coveted experience, please keep in mind that assistant opportunities fill up quickly, so sign up early. Please note that you can only assist in a Jangle® that you have previously completed yourself. This applies to all levels and forms of a Jangle that may be created in the future.

To better serve our participants, we give priority scheduling to assistants based on their progression and success within our courses and programs.

Our leaders will provide you with ample learning opportunities as you assist in and It’s Faked Up Jangle®, and the first priority will always be the participants.

Assisting Requirements

In order for everyone to have a positive experience we ask that our assistants agree to the following:

  • I understand that I am responsible for the cost of my cruise cabin, including associated taxes, fees, and gratuities.
  • I commit to assist for the entire length of the Cruise Jangle® (based on the specific sailing being assigned).
  • I have taken and completed the curriculum of the Jangle for which I am applying.
  • I understand that my job is to support the leaders and that holding the space for the participant experience is my primary focus.
  • The Front of the Room Leaders may give me corrective instruction if I am having a negative impact on the participants or the space of the Jangle. I also understand that the leaders can ask me to leave the course if they feel I am having an adverse impact.
  • I understand that I am making a commitment to be present for a Jangle®. In the event that I need to cancel I will give It’s Faked Up!® 14 days notice. Any cancellation less than 14 days notice may impact my eligibility to assist in future Jangles and be subject to a $100 administrative cancellation fee.
  • I understand that I will be meeting with leaders before and after the workshop on each day of the Jangle. On all workshop days, I will arrive NO LATER than 1 hour prior to the course start time and I will plan on staying 1 hour after the course ends each day.
  • I will arrive at the course dressed appropriately and ready to work.
  • I understand that It’s Faked Up!® may cancel or reschedule Jangle’s at its discretion. It’s Faked Up!® will not be responsible for costs that may be incurred by assistants as a result of such cancellations or rescheduling.
  • I understand that the learning experience of the course participants is my primary concern and to that end I will be available for assisting duties during breaks, lunches and dinner (as needed).
  • I will not market/solicit my coaching services to course participants either during the course or after the course is complete.  Should a participant approach me about becoming their coach, I can arrange to contact them upon their completion of the course curriculum.


Use the drop down menu below to select a specific location for available an available Jangle®. Assisting slots often fill quickly, but we encourage you to wait-list as we may have cancellations.

A confirmation email will be emailed to you along with the costs of your lodging. Once you have agreed to the financial obligation for your lodging, It’s Faked Up! will send you an invoice and link to further register. If you are interested in assisting in multiple Jangles you will need to register each location separately. It is your responsibility to pay for your travel to the cruise port and any lodging before or after the Jangle.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and for helping us create great experiences for our participants!